“Congratulations on your amazing project. You made a difference in our daughter's life and so many others. You have touched our hearts.”
– Parent of Program Participant, Los Angeles, CA

"I just pledged to this beautiful cause, so fantastic... What a wonderful way to synthesize and galvanize theater and acting as tools for healing humanity. Congratulations on your vision! Bravo."
– Meredith Hines – Actor/Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“Amazing. Build it and they will come. Go and build bridges.”
– Reuben Gonzalez – Screenwriter Instructor, Gavilan College, Gilroy, CA

“Really touching, and quite wonderful… I admire what you are doing with B.R.I.D.G.E Theatre Project.”
– Michael John Garces – Artistic Director, Cornerstone Theatre Company

"I am so moved and inspired by this work. The faces of those children are so incredible."

– Laurie Woolery - Associate Artistic Director, Cornerstone Theatre Company

"You can really see the joy on the kids faces. Keep up the good work."
– Brandon Breault – Actor, Los Angeles

"Really touching and inspiring."
– Leah Lawrence – Visual Arts teacher, PS ARTS

"It’s wonderful work."
– Misi Lopez Lecube, Actress & Creator of Satsang Lounge

"This is extraordinary. Amazing. I'm in awe. Really terrific work. So needed and so important."
– Michael Ross, Managing Director – Westport Country Playhouse, Westport, CT

"How inspirational."
– Maureen Moore – Writer, Venere Travel Blog

"I was deeply moved. The children were so beautiful and so engaged in the exercises that it reminded me how much we are all one... trying to bridge the gap between cultures and creating a new world through art."
– Patricia Canale - Writer & Actress, Los Angeles

"Through art and communication we can get closer to global unity...and there couldn't be a better time for it!"
– Fernando Cadavid, Los Angeles

"I'm having trouble holding back tears at such joy, such wonderful work."
– Lori Tan Chinn – Actress, New York City

"Very inspiring work."
– Jordan Beswick – Acting Teacher, Studio VO/VF Paris & Institut fur Schauspiel Film und Fernsehberufe in Berlin.

"Wow.... un buen mensaje: Podemos tener PAZ por arte! Me encanto ver lo que hacen ustedes con este proyecto tan importante y lindo."
– Drew Searing – Enviromentalist, San Diego CA

"Wonderful. Thanks for giving us a small window into what you're doing with this terrific project. "
– Roberta Morris - Author Artful Mediation

"Great work! Congratulations on making a positive impact with the kids and the world! "
– Kim Weinglass - Los Angeles

"Simplemente. Beautiful. Wonderful. congratulations for cutting a touching piece on your theater project. Hope to get it to Festival 2010 Teatro Bolivar."
– Giovanna Aguilar – Candesco Productions, New Jersey

"Exciting and inspiring…great and important work."
– Michael Michetti – Co-Artistic Director, The Theatre @ Boston Court

"Riveting and so socially relevant."
– CeCelia Antoinette – Actress/Comedian, Los Angeles

"Truly a noble and important cause."
– Adam Harrington – Actor, Los Angeles

"What a wonderful opportunity for all involved."
– Allie Costa – Actress, Los Angeles

"Love and art unite and heal. My fullest support to you on this blessed project."
– Janet Scheller – Chicago

"A wonderful idea, a worthy cause, an inspiring adventure."
– Athan Karras – Los Angeles